Because people, teams and organisations are complex things, the way we work with you is divergent and non-prescriptive.  Whether that is related to professional growth and development, communication or working relationships within teams, we start with an initial conversation to find out what are looking to achieve in your business and where the obstacles lie.  More conversations unfold from that, which help us get a lay of the land and determine how best to navigate your way to better outcomes.  Then more things unfold.  

  • a series of workshops
  • one-to-one coaching
  • facilitated conversations between a few people to iron out some difficulties or establish more clarity between them. 
  • strategic conversations with a range of stakeholders to which we bring an outside eye and help to make what is covert, overt.  

More often than not, what happens is a blend of some of these things.  In a complex world, there is no point in pre-judging precisely what we will do together beyond working collaboratively to find what will help your work work better for you.  All of Quantum Shift's work is tailor-made in order to address the unique challenges that you are facing; there is no one-size-fits-all or off-the-shelf solution.

Whatever happens after that first conversation, Quantum Shift brings a deep understanding of complexity, systems and human dynamics via Sociometry, Role Theory and person-centred approaches from the world of counselling, so that personal capability and strong working relationships grow and develop in a principled and purposeful way.

Learning how to be at your best is neither simple nor linear in nature and it requires systemic, transformational learning methodologies such as those used by Quantum Shift to develop and grow capability. It also requires ongoing commitment, reflection, and investment of time, energy and money.

Thriving and excelling in the modern world involves growing a breadth and depth of individual and relational capability that none of us acquires innately; and even the most accomplished of us can still build on aspects of ourselves.  Continuing to grow and develop capability is an act of will. 

Quantum Shift people and team development is about getting to the inner workings of who you are and how you are as a person, as a team, as an organisation. We use specific examples from your working life to assist you review and refine how you think, feel and behave so that you can orientate your daily efforts into achieving your purpose.

With us working alongside you, people can:

  • learn how to be less reactive, and more responsive, to the unexpected
  • become more focused on organisational purpose
  • relate to their workplace as an interconnected, complex whole
  • become more innovative in response to complexity and ambiguity
  • be able to deal more effectively and confidently with workplace relationships, even the more challenging ones
  • have greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
  • bring more of their creativity to their work

We can assist you via:

  • Bespoke in-house programmes for leaders or teams (please enquire about an in-house programme for your organisation)
  • One to one coaching, in person or via Skype (please enquire about coaching)

Participant's quote:

"Leadership is not about having answers, but being connected to our own potency." 

"I've shifted my perceptions of myself, it's been intense but enjoyable…"

"Its not just about how I let other people affects me it's also about how I react.  I 'm growing in a good way, I don't just have to react in the same way…"