"When our organisation received feedback in an engagement survey that managing poor performance was a big issue for us I engaged the services of John and Grace. They worked with me to devise a strategy to embed a new way of approaching performance management especially in terms of difficult conversations. We quickly realised there would be no quick fix for such a systemic change.

John and Grace worked on a deep level transformation across the organisation. They worked with peer groups of managers and senior staff using the existing talents of the groups to progress understanding. John and Grace were careful to bring people along at a pace that was realistic from both an individual and organisation perspective. Some managers who commenced the programme in a defensive frame of mind became committed to improve.

Our organisation matured over the time this programme was taking place and I could see a change in the confidence and competence of the majority of participants. Several years on, the majority of managers are still making use not only of the skills learned but the connections made with each other for future support.

Both John and Grace are very talented in their area of human interactions. I have asked them to work with me on a number of other occasions and always with extremely successful results."

Mary Sinclair-Jones, CHRO/Group Manager HR/OD, Environment Waikato and Manager People and Capability, CAA, NZ, 2012


"John with his partner Grace deliver an exceptional transformational event in Quantum Shift.  The groups I run demand very high quality in their workshops. Not only did John deliver exceptional value but we could see that everything was undergirded with great structure and clarity.
Sensitive, accomplished and exceptional work for executives to be helped into the next stage of their leadership journey.


Simon O'Shaughnessy, Executive Coach and Chair for The Executive Connection (CEO Mentor) NZ, 2011


"John and Aroha from Quantum Shift are real finds in a world of drab and tedious corporate training. Their passion and insight into individual and group behaviour and values alignment create a real point of difference. They provide the challenge to create personal growth and self awareness in an empathetic and results orientated manner. I heartily recommend them to any client looking for a way to shift behaviour and improve self awareness to lift productivity and encourage personal growth in their team."

Marc Fisk, Acting Head of Corporate Services, Metrowater, NZ, 2010


"John and his co-director have an in-depth understanding of people and how they tick, particularly in a business environment. Their unique approach to aligning team dynamics has to be witnessed to be appreciated. At the first meeting this unusual approach was what won them the project, and they did not disappoint. EQ cannot be learned in a one-day workshop - it requires reinforcement and consistent follow up. Quantum Shift deliver this professionally and painlessly."

Judy Chappell, HR Manager, Cambridge Clothing Company, NZ, 2009