"Difficult Conversations" workshop in London

Difficult Conversations is a two-day programme (24 June and 22 July) for all those who wish to develop greater capability to have essential, but often difficult, conversations at work.  These most often revolve around:

  • performance issues, whether that is with direct reports, peers or managers
  • handling challenging or dissatisfied customers
  • approaching delicate personal issues

Getting one of these conversations wrong can damage working relationships and lead to outcomes we don’t want.  Avoiding or delaying these conversations can be bad for business.  Issues can escalate, morale can decline, productivity can suffer.

The Difficult Conversations programme shifts behaviour and develops the capability to say what needs to be said in a way that maintains good working relationships.  Through this programme, people will:

  • learn how to ‘warm up’ to a difficult conversation
  • develop greater adaptability and flexibility in the face of the unexpected 
  • understand the stages of a difficult conversation
  • gain insight into the interpersonal dynamics of emotionally charged conversations
  • identify some of their personal blocks and rehearse ways to overcome these
  • develop greater confidence to broach difficult issues

Who is this programme for?

Anyone who is looking to further develop their capability around having those essential, but often difficult, conversations, whether this be while managing people, dealing with contractors or the public or simply developing more satisfying day-to-day working relationships.

Why is this programme unique?

This programme applies a deep action learning approach that works with people holistically.  Because difficult conversations involve our thinking, our feeling and our behaviour, this programme works with and develops all three of these.  The programme grows real capability and deep intra-personal and interpersonal skills in real time.  This means that change occurs in the workshops and people return to their daily lives already thinking differently, feeling differently and behaving differently.  The transformational approach taken in this programme delivers both the “what” and the “how” of difficult conversations to participants.  This article in Medium says a little more about transformational learning and what a participant in this workshop can expect. 

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