My name is John Wenger and I am the principal steward of Quantum Shift.

After graduating from university in 1987, I began my professional life as a teacher.  In the late 90s, while living in New Zealand, I began running training workshops for a range of professional organisations, and also trained as a counsellor.  From 2000, I blended my work as a counsellor/psychotherapist with that of trainer/facilitator.  In 2004, I co-founded Quantum Shift which offers bespoke leader and team development workshops and one-to-one coaching.  In 2013, I returned to the UK and now make London my home.

I integrate nearly 30 years of training, experience and knowledge from the fields of education, counselling and consultancy to create environments within which people, teams and organisations can delve into the questions that matter to them and find answers that bring greater effectiveness, satisfaction and joy to their lives.  I apply my understanding of Sociometry, Morenian Role Theory, humanistic counselling approaches, group work and complex systems in order to craft experiences which generate real and long-lasting shifts at the levels of thinking, feeling and behaving. 

My start point for my work is a positive outlook on the world and humanity. I also bring endless curiosity around how humans learn and change and am interested in how we humans can co-create joyful, life-giving ways of being and inter-being.

I believe absolutely that anyone can learn and change, having worked with a wide range of people including advertising executives, organisational leaders, bank clerks, factory workers and the learning disabled.

I have travelled extensively and in my time, have worked in the UK, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and Singapore.

I am based in London, where I operate my private counselling and psychotherapy practice.  I also offer online coaching and counselling/psychotherapy and happily travel to where the leadership and team coaching/development work is.