Reimagining Work: Episode 33 with Erik Korsvik Østergaard

In this episode, we talk with Erik Korsvik Østergaard about his work, purposeful leadership and jazz piano. 

Reimagining Work: Episode 32 with Anne McCrossan

In this episode, Anne talks about living in a period where we are marking an historical chapter as humanity transitions from being an analogue species to a digital one.

Shifting to a digital mindset is challenging us to re-consider and re-configure how we add value and who we are. We are being challenged to really understand our purpose. We have a global, joined up picture which we need to take account of in all that we do.

I was interviewed on Sharon Galliford's Radio Woking programme, "The View from Here", on December 6, 2015.  I discussed sociatry (building healthier societies, groups and individuals), role reversal and how the application of psychodrama and sociodrama can assist us to deal better with relationships in the modern workplace and the modern world.  The interview is about an hour long and you can listen here: