When so much of what we communicate is unspoken, how can we be sure that the message being received is the one we are intending to send; especially when we are in a heightened emotional state? Congruence is key to good communication - that is, our thinking feeling and actions are well aligned and other perceive us as sincere and genuine, even if they don't like what we are saying.

Each and every one of us is a unique and complex living system of thoughts, feelings and experiences which we add to and modify over the years; and we all know that some combinations fit together more easily than others.

Our working lives offer many moments where we meet and need to get along with people who are different to ourselves and who we find interesting and sometimes perplexing or frustrating.  Ensuring we communicate clearly, especially in moments of difference, is crucial; and these moments inevitably involve emotions.

Sometimes we notice that in certain challenging situations we tend to opt for well known but less than useful ways of communicating, we avoid, freeze and get stuck or come out fighting; none of which assists us to get the outcomes we are seeking.

Quantum Shift co-creates solutions which are designed to develop people's ability to free up and communicate clearly in a range of challenging situations, such as:

  • Having The Difficult Conversations about performance issues
  • Managing ourselves in the face of bullying or intimidation
  • Handling conflict and disputes
  • Ensuring our ideas get heard and included

Participant's quotes:

"I've shifted my perceptions of myself, it's been intense but enjoyable…"

"Its not just about how I let other people affects me it's also about how I react.  I 'm growing in a good way, I don't just have to react in the same way…"